Claudia Bakker

"Claudia Bakker’s photographs and transparencies seem to retain time elapsed. If, by their own nature, photographic images indicate time by means of spatial references, in these works the image is potentiated trough the transitiveness of verbal meanings among the plastic elements that cosntitute it. The photographed record of the installation recently presented by the artist at Museu do Açude is repeated in diverse mediums – a bouquet of calla lilies dipped in white paint. Flowers on milk; white on white. The assumption is that migration of the image upon different supports would suffice to elicit meaning displacements, reaching beyond the object’s materiality. Thus, the distinctive qualities of white would outgrow the color designation field; reference to a narrative structure would lead to a poetic expansion of chromaticism. A matching of plastic ( color, form, extent and luminosity) and speech elements articulate the image – which is polysemous by definition – to binary structure of the text. Other qualities would overflow the chromatic limits of white or would at least suggest having surpassed its power. On the reverse side of the subject and of the ephemeral aspect of materials, Claudia Bakker’s recent works combine the ambiguous nature of image and the speech structure. Meaning does not only emerge from the time gap between the actual recorded scene and the photographic images being exhibited, but it moves on, leaving its track in the color, space and light intervals, from the opaqueness of paper to the luminosity of the transparencies."
Luiza Interlenghi, 1997
© claudia bakker