Claudia Bakker

"In 2007, while we manufactured the tubes of pink fabric for the Installation Nocturnal Spring[Sixth edition of the Respiration Project of the Eva Klabin Foundation] several little balls of pink filament would fall on the floor; these colored little balls scintillated in the space and I even considered using them in that installation. I kept that image of filament, of color, in my mind. I always think a great deal of color, even the tubes of pink fabric that were involving Eva Klabin’s dinning table were nothing more than metaphors for the tubes of pink paint that linked the senses dislodged by that intervention in the space. The red doors of the work Appointments Destine meant a passage for me, a new experience in the process of work. If in the installations of the beginning of my career I always used apples and liquids, fountains and paints in space, and they were material treated as ephemeral, because time interested me as a topic, today I’m more attracted to objects related to making, in an artisanal way, an extension of the time I live. It’s true that photography and cinema (both super 8 and 16mm) were a great deal in this process, and the images of the installations became works, no longer mere registers. For me, everything departs from drawing and painting, in an abstraction of lines and colors, and shapes interest me in a lesser degree, as if there was a subjective materiality, like being able to grasp color, to live in color, to follow the line. My motivations today are found in that which I call eastern Brazil: Hélio Oiticica’s parangolés that are always offering me their colors and a sophisticated precariousness that brings me closer to an idea of luxury, the Japanese geishas, pearl-hunters whom I deeply love, the beauty of the work of these divers blow my mind, cross through my eyes… the Chinese snuff bottles, which for me are perfume-holders and incite in me the drive to collect, besides what they already are as recipients, and the literature of Junichiro Tanizaki that always conduct me to a certain hope I entertain, which is that makes me an artist: someone able to see and to feel in a dimension beyond reality itself, in the things that are offered to us, with their dislodgments of senses."
Claudia Bakker, 2007
© claudia bakker