Claudia Bakker

"Claudia Bakker’s photographs are outstanding in the context of this exhibition due to their characteristic visual eloquence. If in the other works sombershades are predominant, here colors vibrate, the use of light is exercised in an ample way and a baroque trace makes itself present. A trace that is an unmistaken mark of Claudia’s career, where investigations on the organic, time and language also appear constantly. In the series of photographs here presented we see three closed doors, one next to the other, frontally registered, each one illuminated in a different way, with different textures, although always with reddish shades. The work’s title Appointments Destiny, indicates the multiple possibilities contained in these closed doors, each one appearing as a potential destine. There is a remission to the act of choice and decision; a ritual of passage in which something is left behind and a path is opened towards a becoming. The almost sombre lighting suggests an implied mystery in each possibility of crossing, in each choice. If in the baroque influences the Cuban writer Lezama Lima is a reference to the artist, in her research about the use of light the inspiration surges in the Japanese author Junishiro Tanizaki and his investigations about the differences between a own Ocidental lighting and another one which concerns the Orient. Between these poles, Claudia’s work moves, going through, at once, the paths of excess and precision"
Luisa Duarte, 2007
© claudia bakker