Claudia Bakker

"The handwritten script presentig the proposal for the exibition is on the gallery wall;apples and marble spheres lie loose on the floor; the video projects images of an earlier, similar work by the artist; there are texts written in the projected images. Claudia Bakker’s deliberate disregard for a formal organizing of the objects gathered together in this exhibition is visibly evident. However, the lack of an objective spacial order, clear from the physical dispersal of the elements installed within the space, does not signify adheslon to chaos theory, or the mere arbitrariness of an artist-subject who whispers to express herself. All this fragmentation of work in pieces that lie de-structure around the gallery suggests an anti-composition that diverts the spectator into a field of interpretation very different from that normally used to contemplate works of art. The expected ordering of objects, and of the space itself, via evident and formal conceptions is replaced by another notion of order, oposed to the strictly plastic-visual values identified, throughout this century, with the very essence of art. This installation by Claudia Bakker does not posit the construction of spaces, but rather the exploitation of a diverse time-lapses whose provisional synchronisation, in the sense of material production, lasts only as long as the exhibition itself. In this way, she transforms the gallery into a kind of space-lapse that intercepts heterogenous concrete and symbolic times, as evoked by the objects on show. What we find, therefore, is the recurrent theme of a visual intersection: future, via the script from the time that preceded the work; past, in the imaginal-texture memory crysatallized in the video; and, finally, the actual confrontation between the fragile ephemerality of the apples and the relative eternity of the marble spheres. Their temporary coexistence could never be imprisoned in form. But they are perpuated in the conception of the work."
Fernando Cocchiarale, 1998
© claudia bakker