Claudia Bakker

Writes in the Memory 1994/1996-2014 [Friends of Engraving, Chácara do Céu Museum/RJ 2014] Paula Alzugaray, Select magazine #21/Art Basel Miami.
Will and Contemplation – The drawings of Claudia Bakker [solo show in Graça Brandão Gallery-Paulo Reis, Lisboa, 2008-]
Departing from the Installation Nocturnal Spring-[Claudia Bakker, 2007]
From every day life to dream in four artists[group exhibition, "Fotoencontro"- Luisa Duarte, 2007]
Claudia Bakker’s apples die to reaffirm life [ article in O Globo newspaper - Luiz Camillo Osório,1998]
Time as something organic[solo show in Museu da República in Rio de janeiro - Adolfo Montejo Navas,1998]
Lapses in space/Intersections in time [solo show in Palácio Gustavo Capanema/Macunaíma Project in Rio de janeiro- How long does it last- Fernando Cocchiarale,1998]
Claudia Bakker[group exhibition- Centro Cultural Oduvaldo Viana Filho/Castelinho-Luiza Interlenghi,1997

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